Sunday, July 24, 2011

Second Summer Garden

Our garden this year is coming along quite nicely! We learned so many things from last year's garden, our first, that we were able to make some changes in placement and even added some things!

We increased the size this year by about six feet. I tried to plant a few more veggies, but instead I have more room between rows so I can use our Brand New, 30 year old rototiller we found for sale on the side of the road. The outer blades come off so that we can till between rows to keep the weeds at bay. It didn't quite work out like I planned on that aspect, but the idea is a good one I plan to use later.

I am trying my hand at paper mulching or lasagna gardening. Everytime I hear the latter term, I think that I should have everything needed to make lasagna, including the macaroni bush! It is actually a technique where newspaper, soil, and grass clippings are layered to mulch the garden and keep weeds away. I'm still learning.

I planted some new veggies that I am so very excited about! I have some pie pumpkins, three kinds of tomatoes, herbs, and tomatillos!

Because it didn't come naturally, I have made it my mission to paint my thumb green. So, I am reading and learning all I can. Perhaps I can just wear some pretty gloves and fool the garden!