Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Garden Paradise

Back in the day, before I raised so many kids and weeds, we used to garden every summer. The "me" part of we used to do the maintenance and harvesting, while the "he" part of we was in charge of getting the ground ready and planning where everything would go.

This year, I was on my own for ground-breaking and planning. One would think that with all the years of wathcing it be done, that I would be ready. Not so. I refer now the phenomenon of going to the same place week after week as a passenger, then suddenly driving oneself to the destination only to realize you don't remember the way!

Number 1 and I found a place to rent a roto-tiller and brougt it back home ready to break ground on our own. I had used a tiller before, but only long enough to frustrate Hubby and have him take back the controls.

Tilling actually went fairly quickly and was a little easier than I had thought it would be. We covered the whole garden in black plastic for a couple weeks to kill any weed seeds that had been churned up. That method worked very well!

Planting time came and we put it some potatoes and onions. I was proud of us to remember how to properly set potato eyes into the ground and mound the rows. A few weeks later a very nice friend stopped by to help get the rest of paradise planted.

We have lovely pole beans, squashes, broccoli, lettuces, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, and radishes! I love going out every morning to check on my little babies to see how they are growing.

Biscuit designed a fine scare-crow, and Trink put up a scary little tiki man. Number 1 built a tee-pee for the pole beans, and E-man was on worm patrol to make sure there were plenty around!

Today, we harvested our first radishes! Boy they grow fast - only 24 days from seed!
I can hardly wait to start canning our own veggies this summer!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy with a capital OMG!

I have obviously been way too busy! I have not even posted in three months! Homeschooling is wrapped up for the year, other than maintenance reading and writing. We are in full-swing summer mode.

To me full-swing summer mode means: easing into the morning, picnicking at the lake, afternoon bike riding, evening salads (read NO Cooking!)and gardening, lightning bug hunts. Whoa! That's horse language for stop! That does not look like MY full-swing summer mode at all!

Number 1 is carriage driving (mom is planning summer camp!), Biscuit is riding as often as possible getting ready for horse camp, E-Man is baseball superstar riding horseback whenever he can to get ready for horse camp, and Trink is wondering when she'll get a turn, too! The two olders are also serving as grooms for other riders this summer. Of course there are festivals and fairs the kiddos are signed up for one event or another, in addition, they are trading barn chores for riding/driving privileges!

Where is the lake, bikes, picnics, bugs???? Although this is not the kind of summer I dream of with no responsibilities, we are having a blast doing these other fun things.

Of course we blend in chore time, friend time, nature club, and ice-cream. Perhaps I can slip in some more blog time, as well!

Happy Summer y'all, Ayuh!