Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Turkey Chickens

We have had a wonderfully busy summer! We had lots of company from different states. For one family of visitors (there were 8 of them) we decided to feed them some home-grown chicken. Hubby took care of the yucky part and Biscuit and I cooked her up. Could I possibly feed so many people with just one bird? I not only did, but we even had left-overs! That bird was so large! I guess they were fairly happy living in our little hen house.

Since then, we have put the other five meat-birds in the freezer. We did not weigh them but I would guess they were about 10 pounds each. We figured that it cost us roughly $15.00 per chicken to purchase the chick and feed it for 10 weeks. It turned out to be much more expensive than getting one from the grocery store. However, knowing exactly what went into each one and allowing them to live a decent life made the expense a little easier to stomach. Having her covered in BBQ sauce may have helped a little, too!